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Dustin Drorbaugh, a Portland Oregon native, is an experienced Web Designer having built web sites for various businesses and entertainment personalities including the largest web site about Paula Abdul which went on to become her official fan site. That project caught the attention of major industry names including MTV Networks, Cosmo Girl, Hollywood Squares, and many more, leading to opportunities meeting songwriter/singer  Stacey Piersa and her partner, the legendary songwriter/producer Elliot Wolff.

As a successful businessman, Dustin has over a decade of experience in the direct mail and marketing industries. Dustin’s efforts consistently earned his employer one to two million dollars in revenues per year, most of which was generated from software created and licensed by Dustin.  He works at Comcast and also does freelance web design projects on the side.

Dustin is fascinated with the behind-the-scenes aspects of the film and music industry and interested in pursuing various related opportunities.

Dustin spent his youth admiring the talents of Paula Abdul, and the late Jim Henson, determined to one day meet and work with his childhood “idols”. Dustin’s already met several people associated with Paula Abdul’s success including Paula Abdul, Elliot Wolff, producer/songwriter Oliver Leiber, singer/actress Monalisa Young to name a few.

Dustin lives in Portland with his wife Kayla, their two daughters, Serenity and Destiny and son Oliver.  In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and visiting the Oregon Coast with his family.

Dustin also enjoys collecting animation cels used in actual television productions. His favorites include a over dozen production cels from Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” music video.

Dustin's Business Qualifications

I have a lot to offer an employer, including:

  • 17 Years Experience in basic Web Design, building web sites. I have basic experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Email Marketing, Blogging, Newsletters, Affiliate Marketing, Web Analytics and Web Hosting w cPanel.
  • 12 Years Direct Mail Experience including copywriting sales letters and creating successful direct-mail sales materials used in quarterly marketing campaigns. (Advertising & Promotions, Desktop Publisher, Marketing Manager, Writer/Author, Graphic Designer)
  • 17 Years Customer Service and Solutions-Oriented Sales Experience by telephone and with retail sales. (Customer Service Representatives, Retail Salesperson, Sales Manager, Services Sales Representative)
  • 10 Years Small Business Management Experience including experience running my own part-time small business venture. Focused on revenue and profit growth as well as team building and leadership. (Business Operations Specialist, Executive Secretary / Administrative Assistant, Bookeeping, Bank Deposits, Payroll, Human Resources, Training, Supervisor and Manager of Office and Administrative Support Workers)
  • 12 Years Content Development Experience building interactive multimedia CD-ROM products, manuals, training videos and e-Books.  I've also created retail-ready packaging artwork for CD/DVD projects. (Product Manager, Programmer, Developer, Creative Director, Quality Assurance, Film and Video Editor)

Additional Personal Skills:

    • Responsibility
    • Willing to Learn
    • Leadership
    • Multi-Tasker
    • Good Communication
    • Organized
    • Team Player
    • Motivated
    • Problem Solver
    • Results Oriented
    • Self-Disciplined
    • Reliable
    • Creative
    • Strong Work Ethics

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